I asked the flight attendant

Series: Don\’t regret later #NoRegrets

This series will be the stories (real ones) about how I did things that failed (some of them) but I did not regret later.

Well, I was travelling (it\’s obvious, flight attendant?) back from Karachi, Pakistan to Muscat, Oman. It was on 14th of April, 2019.

I traveled because of an unfinished business in Karachi for 1 day. The evening of my return, I reached Jinnah International Airport, Karachi right on time. I did not had any luggage with me, just a hand carry. I thought let\’s help someone since my luggage allowance (30 kg) was going waste and being an international flight, excessive luggage charges are high.

By chance my eyes dropped on two elderly ladies who were waiting in line on the right to me. I asked them if they have excess luggage (really bad idea, never doing that AGAIN!!!) on which they answered yes instantly. I offered to have them on my ticket which for them was a really kind gesture. FOR THEM ONLY. I do not know how the lady who was issuing boarding cards got to know and them she asked her superior that this guy (ME!) is trying luggage pooling (yup, that\’s what they call it). I ended up taking responsibility of whatever those bags have in (I was thinking how will I be escorted by customs and security of airport).

After boarding on the plane, where I could not get a seat of choice since that lady (from counter) was pissed-off of (she had the right) what I was doing, I was sent almost to the tail of the airplane. The plane was huge, it had 3 columns of seats with probably 200 plus seats, I guess. It was #ThaiAirways and there I saw her.

Among 7 or 8 crews (4 being females) she was the one that I thought would be worth a shot. I started by asking her if I can get a better seat where my legs (I\’m 6 feet, 2 inches or 183 cm tall) can stay straight and my knees would be relaxed. She found me one.

Before we landed in Muscat, I asked her the question. I asked if she is going to stay in Muscat for sometime, which she answered yes. Then I asked maybe I can get any contact of her, she said \”I don\’t have Omani sim card\” then I followed with another question of having #WhatsApp of her country, if she has. She paused for a moment. I felt hesitation from her side but she did not want to be rude either. I added, \”If you do not mind\”. She smiled and said sorry.

That immediate rejection was something I was expecting actually but I do not regret that. I would have definitely regretted if I had not asked.



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