The followers in ks (thousands)

Who does not want fame? Except for some, rest does. Another reason, apart from improving my writing, these blogs are to earn me some popularity out in the digital world. People go different levels to earn that. Some pay money like paying for an advertisement. Some may ask others, who already have big fan base, to share their content. And some may use tools to earn free (or paid) followers from tons of website (it works but does not last).

Of course there are tons of others who have legit (authentic and earned) followers. Those people, hats of to you all.

Now you may be wondering why I am saying all that? Recently, I was trying to grow my followers on Instagram (that is @ghulamostafa by the way) was scrolling through some accounts which I follow. Those are just bloggers (vloggers). I noticed many of them have followers in tens of thousands (in the social world they call it Ks). But the likes or views they get are in almost 1/10th of all or even less. Like an account having 50k followers and their post have just 500 likes? Does not that sound weird?

It could be that they are using (or used) those tools to earn followers. People care less than the likes on a post than the author\’s followers.

It could also be that a lot of those followers do not use Instagram (or those social platforms) very often then they used to. I know people who once forgot their password for any account would just make another one. Hence growing the count.

PS: I would not mind followers 🙂


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