The job I did not have


This series will be the stories (real ones) about how I did things that failed (some of them) but I did not regret later.

My highest educational document is a degree in computer science from a university in my home town (it was a sub-campus of a larger university back then). I would not say ENDED UP but yeah I could not secure admission in universities I was desiring for. All because of my prior academic results (wasn\’t always a bright student).

It was the 7th semester and final year, the year 2014. A new university was approved for the district almost an year ago. Along with the announcement, new administration joined. Among them was this one man; the man who had loads of plans for the newly formed institute. Those plans included a website. Since he approached the department where INNOVATION happens (computer science), my teachers presented me. I, being a bright student (would not say that but the rest were worse), was a really good candidate.

Mustafa dived into making the history (the first website for university, I guess). I was still new to CMS (those who don\’t know, it is for making dynamic websites really easy, take that). Started off with Joomla. Turned a plain template into something what they expected. Believe me when I say, it was not an easy job to convince a group of people who have been around for 50 plus years and have only surface level knowledge about technology.

Months passed and the website is ready (of course they changed it now, the have better candidates now, daah). I was named as Web Developer for University of Turbat. Web Developer with the salary of US$ 90 a month with BYD (bring your own device) policy. My laptop\’s LCD melted one morning when I was working near to a heater in winter for that job (not complaining).

I was on that job for nearly 2 years (or a little more) when I got the opportunity in the Oman for the very same title. Since I was not a proper employee (which I almost asked them to make me every week) I had the free-hand to work remotely. I quit the US$ 90 job after about 4 months.

Time passed. There were some vacancies open for the position of Lecturer. I was never interested in becoming a teacher (although I am really good at it). I never applied. I was asked by someone (whom I will not name) personally to apply for it and I would have landed the job with ease if I had applied.

That\’s been 2 years and I am still in Oman. But I have no regrets since life is all about learning and being in a foreign country, learning is all I have been doing since I came here.



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