I have a boyfriend

I do not have a boyfriend. Just read through, you will know who does.

It is a while ago back when we (some friends from office) used to go for bowling every 2nd week right from office. This place was 5 minutes drive from office. It was on the 3rd floor of a shopping mall.

The place was good for families or kids and was not suitable for a bunch of grownups coming from office in formal dresses.

Enough of fame for the center. Time for the real one.

There was this one girl. I believe she was Filipino (people who are from Philippines). That did not matter. What mattered was she was cute as a doll.

It is Nature. I am a man being opposite gender of her. I got attracted and I was more eager to go for bowling again and again. There was one time when another guy took over her place (she was the sales lady) which made me think what happened to her and seeing her back in the place made me feel ease.

One day, after a game, I courageously went to her and asked (the part which I am really bad at). I asked if I can have her number on which she replied, for what? I said (by the time my heart was like a beat-box) , you are pretty and I seem to like you (while hoping she would say yes).

She looked towards me with her small Chinese (not to be racist) looking eyes, which were adorable. Without smile or any other facial expression, she said I cannot.

I, being rejected, said no hard feelings and left the scene.

But after going out of the door (like 30 seconds or so), I thought to know the reason at least. I rushed back and approached her. I gently asked that what can be the reason. She said the most common answer a girl would give if she is not interested (nowadays).

I have a boyfriend.

What I regretted, probably almost after a year, that I saw her again in the same mall but this time shopping in a hypermarket. I was thinking to go and simply greet her. By the time I told myself that I am ready, she was gone. I had to check 10 aisles at least before giving up.


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