The Diplomatic One

Living in a foreign country can get you foreign friends. One of them is a guy from Iraq. His name is Ali (that\’s all what you need to know).

Another benefit is experiencing the diversity (more cultures and colors of people) and lifestyles.

This friend of mine have a cousin who owns a restaurant. The restaurant serves Mexican food (spicy mostly). Who else can cook Mexican food better than the Mexicans themselves (plus it will add more authenticity to the cooking place). There was the diplomatic one.

I would not say she looked like out of the world but she was pretty (If you are reading it, do not mind. I prefer to be honest than make up something).

Me being myself, told my friend that I will ask her. My friend (being uncomfortable with the idea since she worked for his cousin) asked me not to. But I insisted.

My heart-rate rising. Another jukebox playing. Blood pumping faster only by the thought of that. My friend sat calm in front of me. I checked my heart-rate using the mobile phone, it was 110 beats per minute. But I was determined. I have to say it or I will feel guilty afterwards.

Now I waited.

I waited for her to pass by so I can get her attention. That took 10 minutes. We were sitting outside, she was waiting tables indoors (oh she is a waitress by the way). Until she glanced outdoors and I gave her a wave.

She reached our table (I was sweating). I was rehearsing on how I will ask. I started by saying, \”What are your plans for this Eid Holidays?\”. She (probably understood I was asking for what intentions) answered, \”We do not have any regular shifts. We do not know when we get off days\”. I (being already scared to ask anymore) did not know how can I continue the conversation, asked, \”If I can have your number?\”. She stated, \”I have a chip of Mexico. I do not have Oman\’s yet. Plus my phone was damaged recently.\”. I (leaving no chance of proposals) asked, \”What about WhatsApp on that number?\”. She (being confident) responded, \”I do not have it on that\”.

I was out of words and she was still standing (like try me more and probably laughing at me from inside). My friend intervened and took the conversation to a different topic. What the topic was, I do not remember.

Well, this one did not say no. Well not directly at least. She did not say yes either.

The diplomatic one.

As the say in Urdu: سامپ بھی مر جاءے لاٹھی بھی نا ٹوٹے
And the English one: Get rid of the problem while keeping yourself safe

PS: They do not say Mexico in Mexico. The say it Mexico (Mehico).

Photo by Genaro Servín from Pexels



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