Being a Coder is not Easy

Being a coder/programmer is not easy. To be honest, I have not tried a lot of other jobs, maybe there are way more worse.

I mean, we are the people who writes features from a concept that is written in words to working condition. We feel like magicians, like wizards. We feel that way only when our aim is clear (the result we are expecting) and wave the wand and it is done. Of course, for achieving the same result, there are more than a single way.

The part when things go bad, or as the first sentence, not easy are as follows:
*When we are half way to achieving the result, the mechanism changes.
*The users assume that it is just modifying few sentences.
*Since it does not have any physical cost, they would not much care.
*They care about one thing; why it is not completed yet.

Why do we still do it then? That feeling of being a magician.

Happy Coding. 🙂



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