Hungry Stomach, Empty Pocket, Broken Heart

During the early stages of my life, I was lucky enough not to worry about those 3 things. Well, for sometimes Empty Pocket because my wants were little too much but my parents always, one way or the other, fulfilled them.

Gradually, when you reach in the adulthood, then you realize about the responsibilities. Responsibility like, finding the correct path for your graduation, thinking what to do after that, part time jobs for extra pocket money. In doing so, you feel like you don\’t have to take money from home anymore. You feel like, you are now more in control of your finances (except that the food and shelter was mostly still provided by parents).

But, now it is time to do something bigger. Those couple of bucks are not enough for your travel, not enough for paying for someone else\’s coffee or paying back your parents or guardians, not enough for living, to be short.

This is the time when you know, enough playing around, time to get serious.

Oh yeah, along with all of that comes those high school or university crushes. Those one sided loves. Being not mature enough, our mind tend to make up so many outcomes for the future with them. But they don\’t turn out to be true, that fragile heart is broken. It does not trust the same way as it used to.

Everything aside, you still have a life ahead of you. Live it at it\’s fullest. Don\’t waste time on crying for a closed door, because that is when you miss another open door. Move on.

Either you win or you learn.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash



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