Corona Virus vs Remote Work

WHO has declared Corona Virus as pandemic (I didn\’t know the meaning of it first). The entire world has kinda stopped. It started from a hub where most of the goods are produced and shipped, China and it was being called Chinese Virus by the US President Trump.

Anyhow, we are living in an Era where technology has almost removed all of the boundaries and distances. Before even this pandemic started, there were websites where anyone could learn about things; people were working from homes; distance communication. That was mostly based on choices of the people. Now it is becoming necassary.

I am a software developer. I know that my job can always be executed remotely. I do not have to be at the office to do the work neither and the client for providing training. I am doing it that way.

I request this to all of the employees who have this option and employers who can ask their employees to work remotely instead of travelling and exposing themselves to the virus out there. This will not only get themselves effected but they will effect a lot of others.

For people who would like to expand their knowledge by studying, they can go to these websites which has further links:

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