The Expiry Date

We are living in a world with loads of packed items. These packed items are produced by manufacturers in their factories. The packed items are have several ingredients and made using some recipe. The recipe are used to identify how much and when and where to use while producing the product. At the end of the manufacturing process, we have a product that is ready to be consumed, be it eating or using.

All of the products go through different processes and have different ingredients, but one thing is common among those all. They all have Expiry Dates, or some call it Best Before. From the term itself, it is self explanatory that the packed item isn\’t consumable after the Expiry Date or not up to standard after the Best Before. These dates are almost certain but those items can get ruined before the date, in some circumstances. Those circumstances include excess of heat, incorrect placement and storage or even some mistakes during the manufacturing process.

You must be wondering why am I saying all of that?

If we do an analogy of human beings or all living beings with those packed items, we will see very less difference. We are produced with some ingredients through a manufacturing process, which refer to as pregnancy. The process should be performed carefully or otherwise the produced product may not be as of standard quality, hence a healthy baby. After birth, that baby have an expiry date, which we refer to as date of death and it is uncertain to all of us. But due to past experience, an average is set. For this era, it is usually 75-80 years. But due to circumstances, like exessive work, not enough nutrition, or getting into an illness or a fight, may cause an early death.

Life is short. Those 80 years will pass in a jiffy. Try to live every day as it is your last.






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