Music and Work

I am a programmer, and being one I spend almost my entire day in front of a computer. During the period when I am working on a project, and by working I mean writing code specifically, I have a plan and steps to follow to achieve the output. So the part when I may not be using a computer during work is often when I am sketching the steps I have to do. Once the sketch is ready, I dive into coding.

While coding, I need to focus so that I can complete the steps without leaving any bugs (most of the time). Being in a workplace where you have cubicles and other colleagues sitting next to you or people coming and going, focusing is certainly not an easy job. Although you cannot escape the room or the people but you can cover them up with something else. That\’s when Music comes up.

But wait a moment. Isn\’t music more distracting? Yes, music can be distracting if you keep your mind towards the music and try to understand it. Yes, music can be distracting when you listen to the lyrics and give a meaning to them. But no, music isn\’t distracting if it has some synchronized beats that only allows you to focus on the work. Now what kind of music can do that? For some, it can be Rock Metal (a friend of mine used to listen), for the others something else. For me, I listen to the followings:



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