Implementing VS Developing

Few days ago, I was in talk with a colleague. I was asking him about a type of software for a specific sector. He told me that he have seen this and that. I wasn\’t ready for the answer but I said yeah, well, we cannot compete with those. Then I said that the reason I am asking is because we have a solution we would want to bring it in the market.

My next question was that the software he mentioned, was it easy to implement. He said just like an installation wizard. I mean, NEXT NEXT NEXT and there you have it. Well, that is installation. What about implementation? He then said, what do you mean by implementation? I told him that you give a software, now the initial data entry and very essential basic settings that we need to do to make it usable. Otherwise it is just a blank software and they\’ll be lost in it.

Let me in the comments if this definition of implementation is correct.






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  1. Martin Avatar

    I agree with that definition

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