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Thawani Pay WordPress Plugin

For many of you in Oman, who may have an e-commerce website and require a Payment Gateway plugin for local support, such as Thawani, here is the plugin available for Download:

You may download the release and install as a normal plugin on your WordPress site. It requires WooCommerce to be installed.

If you would like to show your support, you can buy the plugin and I would do the courtesy of installing it on your ecommerce website.

Thank you.






15 responses to “Thawani Pay WordPress Plugin”

  1. Issa Avatar

    after install and activate the free plugin for the payment gateway, How can I view the account and see the money which is credited from checkout

    1. ghulamustafa Avatar

      You need to have a merchant account with Thawani itself. They would provide you with API Keys and a dashboard where all transactions would appear.

      1. Issa Nassor Avatar
        Issa Nassor

        I did sign up for thewani account but they didn’t give any API keys.

        1. ghulamustafa Avatar

          You have to reach out to Thawani as a merchant.

        2. ghulamustafa Avatar

          The website is

          1. Issa Nassor Avatar
            Issa Nassor

            I have registered an account from but API keys are not available. If you give me your whatsapp number I can share the screenshot.

          2. ghulamustafa Avatar

            You can contact Thawani directly then.

  2. Mokhtar Ghaleb (@MokhtarGhaleb2) Avatar

    what is thwani cusomer information like name contact email ? should be passed in meta and how to configure them on your plugin for wordpress ?

    1. ghulamustafa Avatar

      Yes, it consists of Name, Email and Phone Number of your customer.

      1. Mokhtar Ghaleb (@MokhtarGhaleb2) Avatar

        where the should ot be or they are created default wit wordpress plugin when payment is done

        1. ghulamustafa Avatar

          The plugin actually takes care of it for you and the customers.

  3. abdulrahim albalushi Avatar

    Hi can you contact me please

    1. Ralph Cabual Avatar

      Hello, can you share the plugin again. Thank you.

      1. ghulamustafa Avatar

        Here is the link to the most stable one:

        This is not from me.

  4. Ralph Cabual Avatar
    Ralph Cabual

    Hello, is the free Thawani plugin still available?

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