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  • How to build your package for Flutter?

    How to build your package for Flutter?

    Just like any other platform, there would be time when you created a piece of code that you may want to use in multiple projects of yours but you do not want to copy paste the code. Because copy pasting will raise several problems, one of which is fixes in that piece of code. If…

  • AWS S3 using .NET

    AWS S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) is a cloud storage service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is a highly scalable, object-based storage service that offers industry-leading durability and availability. Using AWS S3 from .NET is easy, thanks to the AWS SDK for .NET. The AWS SDK for .NET is a collection of libraries…

  • Music and Work

    Music and Work

    I am a programmer, and being one I spend almost my entire day in front of a computer. During the period when I am working on a project, and by working I mean writing code specifically, I have a plan and steps to follow to achieve the output. So the part when I may not…

  • Being a Coder is not Easy

    Being a Coder is not Easy

    Being a coder/programmer is not easy. To be honest, I have not tried a lot of other jobs, maybe there are way more worse. I mean, we are the people who writes features from a concept that is written in words to working condition. We feel like magicians, like wizards. We feel that way only…

  • Flutter Google Maps and Location

    Flutter Google Maps and Location

    Google Maps in Flutter with current location and fetch user selected location.