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  • The Expiry Date

    The Expiry Date

    We are living in a world with loads of packed items. These packed items are produced by manufacturers in their factories. The packed items are have several ingredients and made using some recipe. The recipe are used to identify how much and when and where to use while producing the product. At the end of…

  • Hungry Stomach, Empty Pocket, Broken Heart

    Hungry Stomach, Empty Pocket, Broken Heart

    During the early stages of my life, I was lucky enough not to worry about those 3 things. Well, for sometimes Empty Pocket because my wants were little too much but my parents always, one way or the other, fulfilled them. Gradually, when you reach in the adulthood, then you realize about the responsibilities. Responsibility…

  • Life is not fair

    Life is not fair

    Like me, there are are billions other out there who loose hope after a small failure. Who loose hope after not getting what they wanted. Who loose hope who think they are not fit enough to do anything. But that\’s not fair. What we loose is actually the motivation. The motivation that keeps the hope.…