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  • Why I can\’t keep up?

    Why I can\’t keep up?

    For most of the people in this world, they cannot take an initiative of doing something they love. For others, they do take the initiative but cannot keep up. I am among the latter. In the initial phases, I used to tell myself that I do not have the resources to start doing that thing.…

  • Making YouTube videos

    Making YouTube videos

    In this digital world, owning a smartphone that has a good camera and video recording facility, everyone starts videography. Hurry! I promised myself that after the upgrade of my phone from Nokia 8 to Samsung S10 Plus, I would start making videos every week. At first, I started that. Slowly got exhausted with capturing every…

  • Life is not fair

    Life is not fair

    Like me, there are are billions other out there who loose hope after a small failure. Who loose hope after not getting what they wanted. Who loose hope who think they are not fit enough to do anything. But that\’s not fair. What we loose is actually the motivation. The motivation that keeps the hope.…

  • Pigeon


    If I cannot see myself how come the cat can see me?